Status Service CSL Januari 2011


RO Number

date In




1 CSL-JMB001 10/01/11 M. Fauzan Blueberry i6800 DONE
2 CSL-JMB002 10/01/11 Golden Cell Blueberry L900 DONE
3 CSL-JMB003 10/01/11 Golden Cell Blueberry @8800 DONE
4 CSL-JMB004 14/01/11 Hari Blueberry i6000 DONE
5 CSL-JMB005 15/01/11 Ratno Blueberry @8800 DONE
6 CSL-JMB006 19/01/11 Lina Blueberry i6000 DONE
7 CSL-JMB007 21/01/11 Ayohan Blueberry L900 DONE
8 CSL-JMB008 22/01/11 Nika Blueberry i6100 DONE
9 CSL-JMB009 24/01/11 Indah Blueberry i6100 DONE
10 CSL-JMB010 25/01/11 Syukur Blueberry L900 DONE
11 CSL-JMB011 25/01/11 Usman Blueberry @9500 DONE
12 CSL-JMB012 28/01/11 Golden Cell Blueberry i6000 DONE

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